I wanted to share a little bit about why I created this web space and what I want to accomplish through it. I created it to give hope to people who are lost in this hyper paced world we live in today. I want to create something people can escape to so they can recharge their motivation when life is cutting them down.

As you already know, we go through โ€œthe game of lifeโ€ and never amount to the things we are capable of. Limited by the teachings of our mediocre society . We hear the plan to go to school and get good grades to hopefully get a good paying job which is suppose to make us happy the rest of our lives. How well has this plan worked for you so far? I have always wondered – What will help dilute the bullshit and increase our chances to a truly happy life? That thought is why I started TheInspirationMentor, I want to help you by increasing yourย Motivation and help youย understand the things that do matter in life.

The one thing I am thankful for is the internet. Having access to it has allowed me to create this space where people can come to find encouragement and re-frame from the negative world (even if its only a minute). Fortune 500 companies leverage the internet for better marketing strategies, expand commerce and to even update their consumers on new products or updates. So I thought why can’t I leverage it to help change lives.

I hope all of you fight each and every day to better yourself. It could be for your finances, your job, your business or even your relationships. If you set a course with no destination chances are you will never reach it. Staying focused on your goals will unlock great things in your life.

I will provide as much motivation as I can to help you crush life! Follow our blog to stay current on posts and connect with us on our socials.


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Vance Mattila is the creator of The Inspiration Mentor. He loves helping people succeed by provided them with motivational content. You can enjoy his many articles about success, finances, entrepreneurship and life lessons. Let him know which posts are your favorite!

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