5 tips to help you succeed daily

So you are looking to succeed daily, huh? I have been in your shoes and to be honest I didn’t think there was anything that would help. What if I could help you increase your daily rate of success? I am talking about increasing your cash-flow, self image, intelligence, personality and your overall happiness. Yes, this is possible with a few daily habits. It is relatively simple to develop a habit but let me stress it is not easy!

According to all the studies out in the world it takes about 21 days to create a habit. Good habits are great to have on your side because you stop having to think about doing that specific action. Below are a few actions I challenge you to put into your habit pipeline so they become automatic in your daily life.

Reading at least 30 minutes daily!

I want to cover this action first because I personally struggled with this. I was not a reader growing up. I was never taught the value of what a book contains. Imagine all of the different thoughts and ideas you might have related with if you would have just read that book.. There are probably 10 – 20 books that you see monthly you would relate to! Next time you see a book that catches your eye do not hesitate to pick it up. This is the first action I would put into action. Start reading today and continue to read tomorrow. Remember people like to follow someone with a vision (a leader), Readers are Leaders!

Who do you spend your time with?

The people you spend your time with are the people who influence you the most. If you take a step back and honestly look at who you are with on a daily basis you will notice that there are a lot of commonalities in the group. I am talking about finances, styles, interests, goals, values and so much more. Ask yourself: would I be happier if I was around people who had what I wanted? This is a key activity you need to do on a daily basis. I am not asking you to get rid of your friends and surround yourself with people you dislike. I am asking you to find people who have what you want and start spending more time with them. Some of you might think, “how am I supposed to find someone with the lifestyle I want and then make friends with them?” I will cover this topic in a later blog that will help you not only identify these people but how to get them to associate with you daily. Here is the fact, if you do not change your daily association you probably won’t change where you are going in life.

Your time is money so why not prioritize it!

Everyone should know that time is more valuable than money. Money is a tangible material that can always be made. Time however is unpredictable and non-refundable. Daily you are stuck with a set amount and cannot earn more. So if you are not already planning or scheduling your days I would start ASAP! This will not happen overnight, although you should pre plan your days the night before. I started planning with my concrete commitments. Meaning I had my work hours, gym days, meeting times and appointments preset on my calendar. So my calendar acts as my daily template and allows me to easily see how much time I can afford to put into other activities. Deciding what those activities will be is another process involved with your planning. A great thing to do is write down a few things you know you need to do during that week or month. Out of that list (which you will always be adding to) pick the most important three and put them in pen on your calendar. After some adjustment time you will start to see how beneficial planning your time really is. This will help you fast track daily success because of the things you will be able to achieve.

Money…In the bank!

The most common recommendation when you talk to professionals about money is to save 10%, donate 10% and spend 80%. We decided to save more than that on a yearly basis but if you can only save 10% start now. The money you save is not for spending. Do not spend it on a new car or a vacation with your friends. This money is the foundation to your cash reserve when you decide to step away from your job! You are in control of how you spend your money. Make the decision to save your money a daily habit. Look at your current and past daily purchases and that will tell you where your money was going.  Start to control your cash flow on a daily basis and you will start to succeed.

Don’t forget to smile.

Finally my last recommendation to help you succeed daily is to smile. This is as simple as it gets to help you succeed. Smiling is a sign of a positive attitude and happiness. People will be more attracted to you and more likely to work with you if you have a smile on your face. If you are struggling with happiness I understand the challenge this will present. Life will always throw challenges at you and the only way to overcome them is to have a positive attitude and a smile on your face. If you are able to create a habit around your positive attitude there is no doubt in my mind you will start to succeed daily!

I hope you take the time to master these habits. It will not happen overnight. These action steps will take you time to master. The most important thing to remember is that these habits will make you better. You should never stop striving to be the best person you can be. Good luck and I hope you found some inspiration!

Please feel free to email me or leave a comment I would love feedback!


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