November 26, 2016

Keep Your Hope Alive

I wanted to send this post out for those of you who are losing hope. I have been in communication with a lot of people who feel the overwhelming pressure of life. I want to reinforce your mind-set that you can succeed in your life. The follow-up question to that is are you willing to take action? My whole goal with my blog is to help inspire you to take the action necessary to better your life. I truly believe the definition of success is “how many people are better of because I lived”

I am a very average person but my dreams and goals are above average. I had to spend time developing my self-image and to create a vision of no matter what happens I am going to achieve my goals. You do not have to be a genius, have great looks or be great at selling products to reach your goals.

I am going to be releasing a new post in a couple of weeks that will explain how to create a foundational vision. That post should help you create your first set of goals, unless you have created some already! Hopefully, you take what I say here and apply it to your life. I truly want to see you succeed and I will stay dedicated to you with my postings.

Self-image is a keystone point when talking about becoming successful. Having a high self-image is not a bad thing. There is a difference between being confident and being cocky. We all know how to tell the difference. There are many great ways to boost your self-image. Make sure you are reading encouraging books. Yes, even if you are currently not reading, I highly recommend starting. The people who have mastered the skills to succeed are writing them on paper and having them published for a reason. They have the right mind-set when it comes to success.  These people want us to succeed and their way to communicate their best secrets are through their books.

The best way to increase your self-image is to speak about your passions and goals to other people. Some people will love the ideas you have and they will encourage you. Others will hate them and make you feel stupid for saying them. Get used to both positive and negative feelings towards your goals and passions. This will help you develop a stable mind-set or EQ (Emotional Quotiant). Take the negative with a grain of salt because you know you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Everyday I have a negative situation happen. I have gotten to a point that no matter what I experience I will not let it define who I am or how I think. The negative occurances happen more often than the positive ones. Through increasing my self-image and controlling my emotions I am able to handle the negative things and others rejection. Once you develop your self-image you will stop caring about the negative in your life.

I didn’t understand any of the concepts about personal development. I only knew what I learned in school. I knew the pythagorean theorem was not going to help me but I also did not know what would. I met some very intelligent people who started teaching me the secrets to success. A few short years later and I have a full understanding of who I want to be and how I will continue becoming that person. The funny thing is nothing I learned prior would help me get there. I have a clear understanding that I am a very important person living on this plant and I tell myself that daily. Increasing my self-image and consistently working in being a better person is the sole reason I am where I am today.

We live in such a fast passed world today. Since the implementation of the internet, information can be move and shared instantly. Realize your brain is not a computer, it will take tedious hours of studying / training yourself to be who you need to become to succeed. I am a firm believer all people can be great if they choose to be. In all honesty, only about 20% of you will become successful. People tend to give up when the work gets hard or they feel uncomfortable. Yes, that is the only way to elevate yourself is to be uncomfortable and put in a lot of work without guaranteed results. You have to face the negativity that you are going to get anyway and start to over come your internal struggles. Get out of the mind-set that other people have to determine your worth. Take the steps to better yourself so one day you can determine your own worth.

Like I said before I am an average person, I was not raised wealthy and to be honest I am not that smart. I learned quick that you do not need to be smart to become successful. You need to have the right mind-set and do the correct actions to achieve success. I know you will all reach a point where you feel like giving up or quitting when it gets hard. I encourage you not to do that, most of us think the grass in greener in the other pasture. Most of the time it is not and we are just comparing the negatives of our current venture with the positives of another. Keep in mind other people are always looking at your pasture and the second you leave someone will take your spot.

So I’ll leave you with this. Starting today if you commit to your self-development and boosting your self-image for the rest of your life. Even if you do not incorporate the correct actions to become wealthy or financially free. You will become a better version of “YOU” and at the end of your life, people will still admire you for who you were and the lives you impacted. Your attitude and affection to others is so much more valuable than money. Are you ready for greatness? Because I know it’s ready for you!

– The Inspiration Mentor


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