I want to help you fast track your success! I will help you create your foundation to start developing your own vision. This will be a more interactive post. I will list a few activities that I expect you to complete. If you are serious about success in your life and wanting to achieve it; I highly recommend doing all of them. Hopefully these foundational exercises will help you discover your vision.

We will focus on 1,5,10 year goals and ideas to identify your vision. If you already have your vision you might not find it beneficial to complete these exercises. I can guarantee you will strengthen your vision by revisiting these exercises.

Exercise 1

Let’s say hypothetically you were wealthy enough to live without working for money. You do not have to worry about any expenses and you have an uncapped limit in your bank account.  I want you to write down 10 things that you would spend your money on. What are your deepest desires in life? Traveling, cars, houses, clothes, animals, charities, the things you want most in life. List them 1-10, 1 being the most desired.

Download Exercise 1 worksheet: template_what-if-money-was-free

Exercise 2

Now, we know how we would spend the cash but how would you spend your time? We are going to do the same exercise except instead of money we are going to use time. Time is the most precious thing we have. Where you put your time ultimately defines the outcome of your life. Write down 10 things you would do with your time with 1 being the most important to you.

Download Exercise 2 worksheet: template_all-the-time-in-the-world

Exercise 3

Draw a circle in the middle of a piece of paper. In the circle write “I want.” On the outside of the circle write “I don’t want.” List all of the things you want in the circle and all the things you don’t want outside of the circle. You attract what you think about on a day-to-day basis. Knowing what you want and don’t want will help you make your daily decisions. Base these decisions around the action necessary to get what you want. Everyday will be different so keep these “wants” around you until you remember them. You are able to have anything you want in life. The question is are you willing to do what it takes to get it?

Download Exercise 3 worksheet: template_i-want

Exercise 4

I want you to to imagine your life in ten years. You are the author of your own life. Everything you write down will contain “I am” in front of the sentence. Example would be,  “I am helping my local church by giving them $50 dollar a month”.  In this section I want you to write down roughly 30 goals you want to achieve in the next 10 years. Take some time to think about it and do not be scared to write down any goal you have in mind. When you complete the list you will have a mixture of goals ranging from Obtainable – Wish. At the top of a piece of paper write 1 year, skip a few lines and write 5 year and skip a few more and write 10 year. I want you to sort your 30 goals into the appropriate area on the paper. Challenge yourself on what you want to accomplish this year because it will help you reach others down the road.

Download Exercise 4 worksheet: template_i-am-1-5-10-year-organizer

Exercise 5

If you passed away tomorrow, how would the world remember you? I want you to make two lists for this activity. This will help you the most with how impactful your goals are in your life. On the first list I want you to write down what you would be remembered for if you passed away today. Do not think of anything you want to obtain or do. Just what you have already done for yourself and others. On the next list I want you to write down the things you want to be remembered for. Utilize your other lists to help you. I would try to list 10 – 15 things for this to be most effective.

Download Exercise 5 worksheet: template_what-if-i-die-today

Final Thought

To wrap this post up I want to tie all of this together for you. I understand it is hard to find time or energy to actually complete these activities. Either way I highly recommend committing yourself to doing them. When you finish this post, tape the finished product somewhere you look everyday. I want you to get crazy about wanting to cross off all the goals you have listed for yourself. With the right attitude and action you will make all of these things happen in the next ten years. The action you accomplished in this post puts you above 80% of the population. When you take time to think about what you want and how you will achieve it, you are growing so much more than the person watching T.V. or playing video games. You are an amazing individual who will impact many people to do the right thing. First create your own vision, then help people create their own together the world will become a better place.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, you can achieve” –Napoleon Hill


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