This post will be quick hitting and will help you understand where to / how to attract successful people. This is a follow up blog to my previous post: 5 tips to help you succeed daily. I will give you some tips on how to approach people you should be surrounding yourself with on a daily basis. I will share some reasons why you should create your vision. I listed a few things below that will help you start to succeed in this area of life.

Join a success focused organization

This is the first thing I would do if I did not have access to people who were successful. There are a few groups that get together weekly or monthly in most cities. First and foremost I would look into any Chamber of Commerce. I love utilizing this currently because I still work and I am sure most of you do as well. If you are lucky the company you work for might even pay for your events/membership. Remember you will have to invest in yourself so don’t focus on the money it costs. Focus on the people and the resources you will have the ability to access. Depending on where you are located there are always training’s or classes you can get involved with. Keep your eye out for these opportunities and do not hesitate to call and get the appropriate information. If you do not have any beneficial groups in your area. I would look online there are a few great organizations that you could get access to.

Approach them first

When you find someone or a group of people that have what you want. You have to be the one to engage them. This is not going to be an easy step if you are not used to talking to people. I would read some communication books to help you bridge that gap. All you need is a few seconds of courage to possibly meet someone who will change your life forever. Master the art of communication and you will surround yourself with people you need to succeed. You may have to approach more than one person to master your skill. You will succeed in life once you surround yourself with the right people.

Developing the friendship

This will expand more on the relationship building part of creating a new circle of influence. So you have approached and engaged in conversation with them. What do you talk about? I would get to know them, find out what they do for a living and find out what their vision is. You will want to make sure you and your new friend have similar visions. You will need to set the stage that it is beneficial for both of you to keep in touch. Exchange phone numbers and keep in touch with them daily to keep the relationship alive. You will want to get a few people like this on your daily radar to help you fast track your success.

Do not ask for their help, earn it.

The biggest mistake you could make after creating rapport with someone is ask them for their help. If you are talking to a business owner or an entrepreneur they are pretty likely to be helping people already. This does not mean it is that simple. You need to show initiative and actions steps before they will start to help you. Tell them about your vision and your goals, the exact dates and what you will do when you reach them. Be sure to strive and actually hit your goals and keep your new friend in the loop throughout the process. It might take you months or even years to get to that point with someone. When they finally see what you are capable of the sky’s the limit. They might not offer you anything tangible but remember the information and teachings they give to you will help with your success!

Is my vision important?

If you do not have a vision that does not mean you won’t attract people. You will attract people with no vision and people who will not help you in the long run. You need to develop your vision in order to inspire others to follow it. Stop and think, โ€œwho do I know that has a concrete vision set for their livesโ€? It is hard to answer that. Reason being, no one is taught to set a vision and how to achieve it. I will be posting another blog that will describe step by step how to develop a foundation for your vision. Get our of your comfort zone and meet people who will touch your life and inspire you to be the best version of you!

Get out of that current sphere of influence and get around people who care. This sounds tough but I had to do it personally and my world is changed forever. You will never know if that person deep down inside you in great. Until you get around people who challenge you to bring it out. Thanks for reading this week and I look forward to all of your new friendships!

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