Lets all agree on one thing. Life gets tough and for most of us it usually doesn’t get better with time. I have experienced many ruts in my life and I can imagine that you have too! I write the majority of my blogs with positive mental attitude in mind. I am a firm believer that your thinking is the reason you are where you are today! You might not be in the best place but understand your way of thinking put you in that position.

I am rereading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This is the best book I have found to help you develop a full understanding of what is possible when you think positive. There are so many paradigms that people will hit throughout their lifetime if they continue to change how they think. I believe everyone should fight to change how they think and constantly strive to be better.

Just imagine having everything you have ever dreamed of…Doesn’t it feel good to take a break from the world and visualize what you want most? Now keep what you want in mind but ask yourself what can I do to achieve these things? If I was in your shoes I would eliminate the saying “I will never get that” or “I can’t afford that”. You need to understand that these types of sayings are the reason you cannot achieve your dreams!

I challenge you to speak positive for a whole month straight. Anytime you have a negative thought I want you to dismember it with positive thinking. When you get the finger from your not so friendly neighbor I want you to wave and say hello. If you get stuck behind a slow car I want you to take a breath and compliment that person driving. After you do this for a whole month straight ( If you mess up that is fine but I would recommend starting over) you will notice a difference in yourself. You will be at the happiest point in your life.

Money will not be the thing that makes you happy in life. You need to find the happiness within you. Drive it out with positive thoughts and actions and you will start to reap the benefit of life. Do not stop pursuing your chance for life long happiness. Do not let anyone or anything effect the way you think. Lastly, never give up on yourself, even if you fail I want you to find the positive in thatย failure and learn from it. Move on to become the person you were meant to be!

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