Lets paint a mental picture really quick. Imagine you are hitting your snooze button for the 4th time this morning and you are mentally fighting yourself to get up for work. You finally get up because you know if you do not make it in today they will most likely fire you and you wouldn’t be able to pay your bills. So you leave your warm cozy house in 20 degree weather to start your 30 minute commute. Along the say you stop at the same gas station that you always have, never changing your routine.

The drive in is long and it is still dark outside and you keep yawning because you are so tired. You pull in 10 minutes early to a place that doesn’t really appreciate you. You tell yourself today is going to suck and I hope it goes by quick. 5 minutes before your shift is over you reflect on how bad your day was and what you have to get done that night.

The drive home is just as slow as the morning drive in. You get home and find the motivation to change your cloths and start dinner. The family eats with minimal communication and afterwards they are no where to be seen. You need pay some bills because it was payday today and you are running behind on payments. Its a bittersweet feeling when you get that pay check! You start to think that all that frustration and hard-work really does pay off. After all the bills are paid in full and some money is transferred to your savings account you are left with $500.

You calculate that groceries and gas alone will take $400. So after a long day of work you come to the realization AGAIN that you are stuck until your next paycheck! After the heart ache of being broke again you happen to get yourself to the couch where you watch 2-3 hours of something that is not really interesting to you. Time flies by every night and the nights you happen to stay awake to turn off the T.V. ย you head into the bedroom. Only to toss and turn until you are able to fall asleep. The next day comes quicker and the painful routine start all over again.

Does this sound familiar? Do you see any similarities between this mental picture and your daily life? Humans are creatures of habit and it is hard for us to break habits. You have bad habits that need to be broken. You can break them with an intense focus to change them everyday. Unfortunately you do not know what to replace the bad habits with to help our situation.

Robert Kiyosaki is someone I look up to very much and he would refer to the picture I painted as “The Rat Race“. I know that anyone could have the capability to escape the rat race of life. If you are like me and looking to escape it you need to know where to start. Robert talks about his “Cashflow Quadrant” and how you can start to shift into other portions on the quadrant. This change is hard and is will take a lot of work on your end.

When I find myself talking to others about their current situation I tend to see them making excuses for themselves. All seem to give the same excuses to prevent them from changing their current situation.ย Example: Ill ask “If you do not like you job as much as your telling me why don’t you find a new one”? ย Typically I get excuses such as: “Well I have this unused vacation time that I want to use up” or “There are no other jobs in my area, I looked”. These are just two excuses that are the most popular that I have heard. In my opinion these sort of excuses limit you to the possibilities that stare you in the face everyday.

If you limit yourself you will be stuck in life. Day after day you will wake up hating your current situation, wishing it would change. You will waste your life away with a dream and a wish. You need to accept that life isn’t about going to work day after day just so you can pay your bills. Sure that sounds like a no brainer but you are still going out and buy things you cannot afford. You put these useless items on credit and pay your life away with monthly bills.

You can start the process of finding a solution to your rat race. You have the brains and the talents to stop this nightmare you are stuck in. Some of you might like your job and will get upset with me, I say great! My question to you is “Would you continue doing your job if the stopped paying you”? If the answer is no it is not your passion in life and you need to get rid of it.

I hope I opened your eyes to the bigger problem today. I do apologize if it was painful to read, I want to be honest with you. I am not making fun of how you are currently living your life. I know there is a better way to live and that’s what I want to share with you today.

If you continue to read and listen to the teachings and ideas on my blog, I know I can help you get to a better place. Together we can repaint a better picture of what you want your life to be. I have always wanted to help others and writing is just the start. Thanks for the continued support and I hope you captured something from this post today!

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