February 26, 2017

The Millionaire Habit

What is the most common answer people of wealth give when they are asked what they did to succeed? The answer always involves reading and bettering themselves. If you are not reading you are probably not doing as good as you want to be in life. There is a lot of knowledge and power packed into books. I will be honest, I only read self development books and success based novels. You are able to read other categories such as fiction and historical books. The point is that you need to understand why this topic is the millionaire habit.

I am going to list a few things that will help you understand why reading is so important to success. If there is one habit you should create this would be the one. Here is the list benefits that reading will do for you:

Mindset and Knowledge– You will develop your thought process by reading the research of others. Imagine that you want to learn the best ways to communicate with people and you also want to learn more about finances. Let’s just say there are no books on these subjects. This makes it difficult to master any subject you want to learn. That means you would need to do the hours upon hours on field studies and experiments to truly understand those areas, not to include the funding of your research and the countless hours of thinking through problems. Through reading you should develop an understanding of how the author thought and how they got where they are.  Most of the books you read will have a huge impact on your chances for success. Be thankful people have committed their whole life to these subjects and decided to share them with you in their own words!

Speech Pattern – Communication is not the easiest thing in today’s age and I believe we communicate less now in person than ever before. Reading helps you speak with more enthusiasm and confidence because you are being exposed to correct sentences and vocabulary. You also create belief in yourself and your vision. You will need to have both confidence and enthusiasm on your journey to success. People are attracted to someone who is confident in themselves and in their vision. Success, in most cases, revolves around a team of committed people. If these people knew you were not confident they would not be on your team in the first place. People hear confidence in the way you speak. In addition to confidence, enthusiasm is key to getting people motivated and inspired to do action. This could help you with launching a brand or creating customer interaction. There is something about reading that makes you sharp and focused on what really matters. When you get in that rhythm your words can inspire thousands of people. Your speech pattern is vital to your success.

Problem Solving – When you read about how others have succeeded you get to hear about the obstacles they faced and overcame on their journey. Those people dedicate their ability to solve those problems to the books they read. You will run into problems on your journey. You will have 2 options when those problems arrive: you can stop and run away from the issue or you can stand tall and think the problem through. When I was younger I would run away from issues when they came up. I stunted my personal growth because I was not reading books and expanding my problem solving skills. If you are at a road block currently in your life, identify what it is and start reading a book revolving that topic. An example is, if you are having a relationship problem, pick up a relationship book and I can guarantee that you will find a solution.

Creative Thinking – This almost goes hand in hand with problem solving but I wanted to expand on this a little further. Problem solving is ultimately the ability to solve specific problems when they arise. Having creative thinking will allow you to develop multiple solutions for any specific problem. Each solution will come with a consequence and you would have the ability to choose the severity on it.  Every problem will be situational but I can tell you creative thinking will help you in any industry.

Meditation – You will notice in a lot of the success based books that meditation is another huge contributor to their success. When you read you expand your mind.You start to challenge your current views with the thoughts and research of others. The best way to reflect and focus your mind on the material is to meditate. Take 5 minutes to sit and think. Try to pull the information that you read and analyse it. This will take some getting used to and it might feel uncomfortable at first. Practice and watch this simple step change your life for the better.

If you are not reading you are missing out on developing all these areas. If you start reading you will not see results the next day but over a span of ten years you will absolutely change your life. If you need any recommendations on good books to start out with check out Miss Kristine’s Reviews blog for guidance. Click here to read “5 Books That Changed My Life.”

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