The challenging part about staying positive is the fact that we live with so much negative. There is no particular way to make the negative in life go away. There is however a way to dilute the negative that is in your life. I will give you a few tips that I have used to help me increase my positivity and decrease my negativity. These are things you should commit to doing daily. After a month or so they will come natural and you will begin a more positive life style!

Wake Up With Positive Thoughts  

You are given a choice everyday. You can choose to conform to the negative society we live in or you can choose to make a difference. This is why I am always focused on my thoughts and what I am doing daily. This may seem hard to some of you but this is an easy step to help you keep your day positive. Letting things haunt you from the day before is no good for anyone. Once that day is done there is no going back to change anything so why waste your time pondering on it. Challenge yourself you wake up with a smile. If you have kids or you are married believe me your family will benefit from that smile all day. This is an easy tip to help you stay positive throughout the day!

Look at Your Goals and Speak Them Out Loud Daily

You should have short term and long terms goals thought out already. If you don’t, that is fine; you can use my Vision and Goal Setting: Basics to Help You Build a Solid Foundation post to help you start. Do my exercises as soon as possible to help ensure your goals will be met. The second part to this tip is to speak your goals out loud. This means you should speak them to yourself and to others. When you wake up, when you are on lunch and right before bed are great times to speak your goals. When you speak your goals out loud you will start to build your belief that you can do them! You need to speak your goals to others as well. Most likely you will need people to help you reach your goals but be careful who you are telling them to. If you know negative people there reaction will be negative. No matter what you encounter your thoughts overpower the rest.

Take Action Towards Your Goals Every Day

There are millionaires today that say they accomplished their goals by doing a little bit per day. There is a chance you will succeed quickly if you are an all-star in your industry but most likely you are not. Work hard to fight for your goals and accomplish your dreams in your life. There are great ways to track your activity. You can keep a daily checklist on a piece of paper or you could get a reminder app on your phone. I personally use an app on my phone to remind me of daily tasks. The whole purpose around doing the activity daily is to create a habit around it. It’s important to address that you will fail and miss goals. The point of failing is not to quit but learn from it and adjust so you can start hitting that goal next time. Stay consistent and in the end you will be more positive than ever before.

Read 30 Minutes Per Day

This is a crucial piece of the puzzle in my opinion. Reading helps you escape and see past the negativity around you.The most successful people read multiple hours per day. There is a direct correlation between your level of success and the amount of books you read. My first recommendations to you would be “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill (purchase at Amazon or Barnes and Noble)  and “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J Schwartz (purchase at Amazon or Barnes and Noble). These are two books that have a massive effect on my life. They are not the easiest books to jump into but neither is success so start pushing yourself now. Reading daily is vital and will allow you to do things better in your life. To help you understand why this is so important click here to read “The Millionaire Habit.”

Have Positive Interaction With People Daily

I want to take a second to help you identify what I mean by “positive interaction.” This is my idea of helping people by slipping in positive affirmations throughout the conversation. Only you will know it is a “positive interaction”, the other person won’t have a clue. Everyone is going through their own things in life and some people carry themselves through it better than others. My point is that you will interact with happy, sad, mad, confused and, a lot of the time, depressed people. My gym teacher use to tell me, “Vance, always encourage people. Never discourage them.” I was not the best at this and I have taken that lesson and applied it to my life. I always compliment the person I am talking to and I always try to identify what their purpose is in life. For some people all it takes is a stranger’s word to help them accomplish their dreams. Focus on building people up rather then ignoring them or tearing them down.

Well here are a few of the tips that I can give you about staying positive on a daily basis. I am sure that it does not matter who you are or where you are at in life. If you live each day to harness your positive power life will get a whole lot easier for you. I hope you enjoyed my post and I hope you took some things away from it! Thank you for the support and love!

– The Inspiration Mentor

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