We live in the 21st century which means there will always be distractions. Our attention spans are already to short to get the things we want done. How do we boost our focus on the positive activity we need to get done? I wanted to share a few things that I believe will help you cure your spontaneous attention span.

These are three things I currently utilize to help stay focused!

1. Time Blocking

Are you planning your schedule ahead of time? If not I recommend starting! Rebekah Epstein wrote a great article for Entrepreneur.com on how to start scheduling your days. Click here to get some great tips on scheduling.

Leaving an open ended schedule will do you no good if you are looking to get the most out of your days. I Work off of a blocking system which means I know my schedule days in advance. I set times for each day as to when and where I am focusing my time. I block times off in the morning to read / meditate. My afternoons are booked to complete meaningful activities that will help move me forward towards my goals. If you are able to master your schedule you will increase your focus!

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your prioritizes.” – Stephen Covey

2. Accountability Partner

I luck out here because I have the most amazing accountability partner in the world, my wife! We make a great team since we have similar life goals and we have our life vision mapped out.

If you are married you should always be accountable to your partner. Bettering your partners future and life should be a top priority! If that is not the case please sit down together to start the foundation of your life vision. This is a great start to becoming more accountable to your partner. Schedule time during lunch or before bed to see what has gotten accomplish that afternoon / night. If you know your partner is going to check in on your progress you will keep focus on your prioritize.

Where are my singles at? If you are not married or you cannot use your partner there are still people who you can be accountable to. I have written about the importance of having a coach or mentor in your life before. If you do in fact have a life coach or mentor they are going to act as your golden ticket! Your mentor will want you to succeed and they will know how to push you to it! If you are lacking a mentor figure in your life you need to read the post linked below.

No mentor? Read this post: Mentorship and You

3. Results

The best thing you can do in life to boost your focus is get results. What do you strive to do everyday? Play with the kids, exercise, work on your book? Whatever your life journey is make sure you are making progress on it. The results you make, even the small ones, will help you increase your focus! I have a large focus on my career, real estate, our businesses and this blog. I cannot move mountains and I do not expect anyone else to. I make small strides daily that will compound over time to create the life I want. Ultimately the best way to gain massive focus is to get results everyday.

Why You Need Focus

As simply stated by the great Tony Robbins:

“Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives.”

You will change your entire life once you get your schedule right, find an accountability partner and get results from the things you are doing. With these three tips there should be no questions on where to start! Implement them quickly and we will see you on the top!

3 Things That Will Help You Focus Better.png


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