The challenging part about staying positive is the fact that we live with so much negative. There is no particular way to make the negative in life go away. There is however a way to dilute the negative that is in your life. I will give you a few tips that I have used to […]

Lets all agree on one thing. Life gets tough and for most of us it usually doesn’t get better with time. I have experienced many ruts in my life and I can imagine that you have too! I write the majority of my blogs with positive mental attitude in mind. I am a firm believer […]

You cannot fool me. I know you talk to yourself on a daily basis. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal to interact with your conscious mind. My challenging question to you is, are you saying the right things to yourself? How you talk to yourself ultimately defines the person that you are. According to Ph.D. Shad […]

This is the time of year to give back to friends, family and community! Giving back to those less fortunate is one way to make us feel better. Success in my opinion is when you help others who cannot help themselves. If you are not on the giving end of the spectrum this year, please […]

I wanted to send this post out for those of you who are losing hope. I have been in communication with a lot of people who feel the overwhelming pressure of life. I want to reinforce your mind-set that you can succeed in your life. The follow-up question to that is are you willing to […]