Time flies when its wasted. Focus your time on the people and things that matter. Set your focus and weave through the bullshit. What are you going to focus on? Advertisements

Dwelling on the past is a positivity killer. Focus on your future and push to make a difference. Are you focused on the future?

Are you driven by success?

Your reasons why will always be more powerful than the reasons you want to quit. Do your best to keep those reasons at the front of your brain. Have you ever felt defeated?

Lets hear it from all the soon to be millionaires out there!

Guys invest your time, money and heart into the right girl. Trust me. You will know when its the right one. Are you currently with your true love?

Before you search for perfection out in the world make sure you see it in the mirror. If you don’t see it in the mirror don’t expect it from anyone or anything else. Who knows they are far from perfect?